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Raw Material

Bama International GmbH is proud to be connected to the network of petrochemical plants across the Middle East.

We are offering  Polyethylene with several grades for general purposes, mainly for packaging, piping and Agriculture purposes.


Bama International is interested in supporting any winning and calculated Business Plans in the world of petrochemicals.

Working with a Professional team of financial analysts, we can hold an introductory meeting that can be followed by creative negotiations.


Bama International GmbH finds its glory in being inside the netwrok of professionals in the world of petrochemicals.

We would be ready to hold meetings to discuss all possibilities to creat very strong ties of responsibilities to build a fast-paced partnership.


  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Establish

Our managers and team members visit different exhibitions and try to initiate a business relation with most experienced and well-known establishments and companies.

Figuring out a promising business plan is our next step. we try to portray an innovative B-Canvas to reduce the cost of production and shipment by bringing powerful friends in different ares together.

This step includes designing a strong legal documents and contracts followed by creating marketing strategies and maneuvers.

Having planned the responsibilities, targets and deadlines, now it is the time to establish the effective means of the collaboration.